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Paint Booth Filters for Facilities in Clearwater, Tampa, Orlando, Across Florida, & Nationwide

At Holt Filters we carry a wide range of paint booth filters to meet your needs. Our fusion filters for this purpose offer a dense media that thoroughly cleans paint particulate from the air, while still allowing your air filtration system to run efficiently.  They are MERV rated and produced by trusted companies like Fitrair for superior performance. We can also sell you bulk media if you maintain a multitude of paint booths.

In addition to these products we also carry a wide range of other supplies for industrial filter customers including:

We can also custom fabricate a filter to meet your needs if you can’t find what you need in our inventory. For select industrial and commercial customers, we can also provide filter service to keep HVAC units running efficiently and dependably.

To order paint booth filters from our air filter store, or for more information on any of our products and services, contact Holt Filters today.  We ship our products across the U.S. to St. Petersburg, Phoenix, Memphis and beyond, and we’ll perform filter service in the Tampa Bay area.

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