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Holt Filters offers a variety of pre-cut pads and bulk media for pre-filter or primary filter applications


Holt Filters, Inc. pre-cut pads and bulk media come in a variety of fiberglass and 100% non-woven polyester grades that are designed for light to heavy dust loading applications. Standard size pre-cut pads are packaged in a heavy-duty carton that allows quick access and keeps the media clean before installation. Service rolls are available and are packaged in an easy to use plastic bag.

Fiberglass: Shall consist of continuous filament fiberglass of graduated density to ensure depth loading and long service life. The air leaving side of the air filter media shall incorporate a skin backing, which supports the media during operation and creates a final filtration stage. The various grades of fiberglass media are engineered for a variety of dust loading applications and shall be treated with a non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless adhesive. The paint arrestor media is engineered for various paint over-spray applications and does not contain adhesive.

Polyester: Shall consist of 100% non-woven polyester fibers bonded together. The polyester pre-cut pads and bulk media are engineered for a variety of applications and available in single or multi-ply grades. The polyester pre-cut pads and bulk media are available dry or treated with a non-toxic, non-migratory, odorless adhesive that is incorporated into the filter media.

Holt Filter's line of pre-cut pads and bulk media offers a variety of options in systems utilizing a permanent frame or holding system. From pre-filters to primary filters, including paint arrestor applications, our pre-cut pads and bulk media are proven performers and manufactured to exact specifications to assure consistent performance.


  • Progressively Dense Fiberglass or 100% Non-woven Polyester
  • Standard and Special Sizes Available
  • Skin Backing on Air Leaving Side of Fiberglass
  • Service Roll in Easy-to-Use plastic bag

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Pads & Bulk Media Air Filters

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