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Kitchen Grease Stainless Baffle
Air Filter

Holt Filter offers Grease baffle filters that collect grease and prevent flames from penetrating into ductwork. Stainless steel grease filters are the most expensive type - but are also the most durable and easiest to clean. Because of their good looks - stainless steel filters are often used in "display kitchens" where cooking areas are viewable by restaurant patrons. We offer these filters in 2" nominal thickness only.

The Smith FIRE PATROL is made from a unique roll formed baffle, designed to prevent flame from penetrating through the filter into the duct work. Two layers of equally spaced baffles create an air flow which gives unsurpassed performance in efficient grease removal. Smooth baffle surfaces cause a continuous run-off, allowing grease to be safely deposited in collection troughs.

Classified by Underwriters Laboratory Inc. as to flammability only after exposed to grease-laden air. Designed to be used in grease hoods and fryers. The FIRE PATROL was created to replace the mesh style filters, without concern for costly hood modification.

CONSTRUCTION: Frame shall be formed stainless steel channel, securely connected with heavy rivets. Filtering media shall consist of two layers of stainless steel roll formed baffles, precisely designed to prevent flame from penetrating the filter and as the grease laden aire passes thorugh the filter it collects the grease, allowing the grease to drain into the trough below.

MATERIAL: Baffles are made from 304 stainless steel material, roll formed to exact specifications. Frame shall be made from type 304 stainless steel, not less than .024 thickness, joined with stainless steel rivets.

Maxiumum Temperature is 900 degrees F.

(Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) are used by the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) industry to describe a filter's ability to remove particulates from the air. A higher MERV rating means better filtration and greater performance.

Kitchen Grease Stainless Baffle
Air Filter

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