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Washable Air FilterA washable air filter is a convenient and permanent solution to prevent your air conditioner system from releasing dust and allergens into the air. At Holt Filters, Inc. we can help you choose the right reusable air filter for your unit in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg or any other Florida city.  This type of filter from Holt is an especially smart choice for customers who don’t want to deal with the hassle of ordering replacement filters, since failing to replace a clogged filter can cause your entire cooling system to suffer. The knowledgeable staff at Holt can advise you on the best way to wash your reusable air filter and how often, as well as help you decide exactly which type of filter would be best for your individual needs.

If you decide a washable air filter isn’t the best option to the meet specifications for your unit, we can help you choose a filter from our extensive inventory of other air filters, including:

In addition to our wide selection of air filters, Holt also stocks a large inventory of other AC parts like v-belts, v-belt pulleys and replacement media. We also offer professional filter services for commercial customers located throughout the Tampa Bay area to help you maintain the productivity level of your cooling system.

For more information on choosing a washable air filter or any other AC component, contact Holt today. We’re happy to serve customers in throughout the Southeast and the nation.

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