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Filter Service for Commercial Properties in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and the Surrounding Areafilter service

Although proper and timely filter service ensures that the air in your building is cleaner and healthier for all of its occupants, there are many other benefits as well. Clean filters keep dust and grime accumulation low, and they also reduce utility bills by increasing the efficiency of your air systems. When you trust your filter service to the experienced professionals at Holt Filters, you can enjoy all of those benefits and more without the worry of climbing on the roof to perform the task yourself.

We’re happy to change out the filters in your office building in St. Petersburg, your manufacturing facility in Brandon, or most any other businesses in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  For nearly 25 years, we’ve served local businesses, and we have the experience and dedication to do the job quickly, correctly, and with the best materials. We carry a full range of replacement commercial filters including rigid, pleats, ashraes, bags, MERV-rated, ASHRAE-RATED and HEPAs, as well as v-belts, power v-belts, and replacement media, and our technicians are familiar with everything from the most common to the most obscure units. We can also custom build a filter for you in our Clearwater fabrication shop should the need arise.

For more information about how Holt Filters can help you with scheduled filter service in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and beyond contact us today at 727-449-8448. We’ll be happy to provide expert advice on how frequently your building needs filter service, determine what products are best for you, and provide a personalized estimate for our service.

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