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Whole House Air Filter Replacements for Home Owners and Contractors in Tampa, Clearwater, Orlando, Across Florida and Nationwide

The beauty of a whole house air filter is that it simply cleans pollutants from all the air in your home whenever you run your central air conditioning or heating system. Of course, while the comprehensive nature of a whole house system ensures consistent air purity, if it isn’t working properly the air everywhere in your home will be subpar. That’s why it’s important to maintain your system with regular filter changes using high quality replacements. At Holt Filters in Clearwater, FL, we provide a line of whole house replacements that keep these systems running at peak efficiency. Our Z-Line Air Cleaner Replacement Filters are made by Glasfloss and you can find a complete description of them by clicking here.

Z-Line filters feature:

  • Synthetic media and moisture resistant materials that keep their integrity in humid conditions and don’t grow mold.
  • A pleat configuration for proper dust loading and superior air purification.
  • A tight seal to prevent air bypass.
  • MERV rated media for optimum air filtration and efficient unit operation.
  • Compatibility with a variety of brand name systems from manufacturers such as Aprilaire (formerly Space-Guard), Trion (Air Bear), and Honeywell.

These filters make up just a small fraction of the over 100,000 products in our inventory. Many of these products are for you, our residential clients, including HEPA filters, carbon activated filters, disposable filters, MERV rated filters and much more. We can even custom fabricate a filter for you if your unit is old or unique.

For more information about any of these products, including whole house air filter replacements, contact Holt Filters today. We’re happy to ship your products anywhere in the U.S. from Tampa to St. Louis and beyond.

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